Small enough to be agile. Experienced enough to execute with precision, and win.

The theory...

CStreet Creative was started on one theory - the backbone of America is small businesses, and they could be stronger. C. realized that small businesses were often faced with challenges that dwarfed their growth, and in many cases, marketing and creative services provided solutions to those challenges.

The premise...

The premise was simple: marketing and advertising shouldn't be a skill or resource only accessible to the big businesses we love. C. believed that regardless of the size or scope of a business, each one deserved a shot to not only survive but thrive. They deserved a chance to compete, an opportunity to grow, and a real shot to win.

The focus...

C. ignored the naysayers and focused on providing marketing and advertising services directly to businesses and organizations (of all sizes) and made CStreet Creative official in 2010. She’s been actively picking fights with client's competitors ever since.

The future...

While CStreet Creative has grown to offer insight to both national and international clients, we continue to give back and think forward, and are always ready to get to work (because owning the future requires going in the right direction).

Ready to level up? Let's chat.


It’s always a great time to stretch the brain. If you need a fresh take or inspiration for a campaign, get in touch. *We’ll even keep it a secret if you‘re into that (aka tell us if you want an NDA).


CStreet Creative provides marketing, advertising, branding and MarCom solutions. We write copy and content, devise marketing and creative strategies, design marketing collateral, create ad campaigns, draft concepts, and more. Check out a few projects below. *NOTE: Some brand identifiers have been omitted.


Psychometric behavior testing can be confusing. It was vital to communicate how DEMA's Genetic (DNA) Natural Behavior Testing is an invaluable tool across sectors from HR to healthcare, DEI, and more. We created a social campaign for their growing audience to show how DEMA's scientific tool could be more easily understood, and therefore, more accessible across audiences. Currently, we’re developing and refreshing the brand, providing marketing strategy, and building a content library.


Building a new brand for a nurse consultancy required a focused marketing strategy, messaging, creative direction, and marcom materials. We developed and provided the (beta) website wireframe, content, brand guide, preliminary business cards, preliminary deck, and other needed marketing materials to get the ball rolling (in the right direction).


Part of an extensive brand build included developing a comprehensive patient training and education manual. From medication compliance to fun and engaging quizzes, who would've thought that 117 pages of written and designed content could improve patient outcomes? Well, we did.


"I can't wait to carry as many loose sheets of paper and bulky folders I can hold while attending the conference," says no one. We transferred four pages and a folder into an easy-to-carry double-sided postcard for conference attendees. By reducing the handout count, we also cut MarCom spend by 93% - because saving thousands and spending pennies is ROI done easier. 

When a CEO calls wanting an ad to entice new nephrology fellows in 24 hours, it's imperative to hit the mark the first time and deliver quickly. This simple text ad with targeted messaging did just that - bringing in a 35% increase in practice and partnership interest for the long term. *Bonus: this ad received a nod from the 35th Annual Healthcare Ad Awards.

Trade Ads

When a CEO calls wanting an ad to entice new nephrology fellows in 24 hours, it's imperative to hit the mark the first time and deliver quickly. This simple text ad with targeted messaging did just that - bringing in a 30% increase in practice and partnership interest for the long term. *Bonus: this ad received a nod from the 35th Annual Healthcare Ad Awards. 


While brevity is good, sometimes context is necessary. In this case, the messaging needed to speak to the challenges of the region. Patients wanted to know their concerns were heard and would be addressed head-on, and we needed to make it clear that where you live shouldn't determine your quality of care.


When complex facts or data need to be conveyed accurately and creatively, we have written and designed infographics that stand out both graphically and factually.


Ads add value. When it was time to launch a new dialysis facility in a new market, we created a simple billboard and an aggressive print campaign that resonated with the target audience, prompted action, and increased brand visibility. The ad campaigns were key in securing and increasing new patient appointments by 38% compared to other national openings.


Beauty can be an ugly business especially with so many great companies to pick from. I was excited to assist with a rebrand for a mid-sized B2B beauty manufacturer. Overall, we rewrote the client's website, wrote more than 3k product descriptions, named more than 50 new products, and collaborated on over 75 email campaigns. The work helped the client make Internet Retailer's Hot 100 list for best content on the web. We call that a "pretty" sweet win.


It's not every day you get an opportunity to contribute to an overseas creative team but this was our "day". We were happy to provide our friends in Shanghai with some post ad descriptive copy for one of their amazing interactive campaigns honoring Chicago's own D. Rose.

social impact

When the founder and CEO of a grassroots organization needed to mobilize and secure resources for Haiti, we were happy to contribute. We developed and designed the HELP Haiti campaign which was shared through email and print. The campaign increased interest and volunteer participation by 31%. 

social impact

Sometimes it's better to show than it is to say especially when you're a grassroots organization with a global view. We created a series of campaigns to highlight how one organization had a vision for global development. Campaign 88 was a series of campaigns where donors could donate $88 to get exclusive swag and access to global projects in the works. For this series, donors also had their support immortalized in print. 

Always the right direction

C. Street: The Principal

C. Street (She/Her/Hers) is the owner and principal of CStreet Creative.

C. has worked across the marketing, advertising, creative services, and communications ecosystem to provide focused strategic marketing and creative insights to clients ranging from F500s to global and grassroots organizations, and startups.

C.'s work, both personally and professionally, has garnered award recognition in content, art, innovation, and campaign development for clients.

She has been quoted in Yahoo Finance, Authority Magazine, and more but attests that her biggest accomplishment to date includes being entrusted with her client's brand(s), voice and most-prized Sharpie collections (and for surviving consulting daily). 

You can connect with C. Street on Linkedin, below, to discuss your project(s).

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